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The first ever directory for everything surrounding events, everything in one place. Connect with musicians, staging, audio engineers, Lighting companies, Catering, Event staff, Venues, MC's, Speakers  + more, everything required to organize and execute your events, worldwide, all in one easy search directory "Visitility"

If you are an event organizer, musician, speaker etc that wants to showcase their events, then this directory will allow this kind of platform alongside your directory advertisement. You will also be able to have direct links to your social media platforms, as well as integrated comments directly from your social media platform direct to your Visitility advertisement, both working in sync.

You will be able to advertise your events, sell tickets directly from your Visitility advertisement integrate apps , showcase your business, music in videos.

More exposure and a faster way to be seen and booked in for events management  all in one place. Become a part of the new directory network now, be more visible instantly.. Purchase now  for more business within the events industry.

Learn more about Secure Deposits below. 

The website URL will be www.visitility.directory  when it is up and running online.

$1500 Annually

  • Unlimited written Bio

  • Images unlimited

  • Direct contact...Email... pH numbers

  • Interactive Booking form directly to your pH and email

  • Unlimited Events listings

  • .Direct link to your website and back-linking your website

  • Full SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your page and be found on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

  • Video's up to five videos of your business or music

  • Direct links to all your social media.

  • Direct questions from your directory to your Facebook page

  • Fully interactive platform: Create your own login and membership

  • Opportunity to create your own written content or have one of our writers do this for you.

  • Logo

  • Staff images

  • Staff direct contact details.

  • Purchase tickets directly

  • Links to other places advertising your events, Unlimited

  • Events listing within Visitility, unlimited.

  • Offer discounts coupons, designed by our team, five different styles.

  • Open hours

  • Chat box

  • Accounting payment system with full invoicing.

  • Secure deposits.

$900 Annually.

  • Bio, limited to 1200 words

  • Images up to 40.

  • Direct email

  • Booking form directly to your email only

  • Back-linked to your website.

  • Three videos of your music and or business

  • Direct links to your social media pages,

  • Staff images of management only

  • Management contact details.

  • 10 events listings per month.

  • Links to online tickets purchase systems

  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

  • pH contact details.

  • Fully interactive platform, manage your own listings.

  • Logo placement

  • 40 Images.

  • Offer Discount coupons. Designed by our team, choose from three.

  • Open hours

  • Chat box

  • Secure deposits.

$600 Annually.

  • Bio limited to 700 words

  • Interactive emails container.

  • SEO (Search engine optimization)

  • Linked to Facebook

  • Logo of business.

  • Two videos of business or Music

  • Five images

  • Open hours.

  • Secure deposits.



Secure deposits will be integrated into the Visititly Events Directory as an extra within your membership,

Secure Deposits is where you can pay deposits to businesses via a secure online platform. The receiver of said deposits can see you have paid but is not able to pull deposits out until said date of two weeks prior to event. This is going to secure any deposits paid by you where you will be able to draw your money back directly into your bank account if outside said date of event thereby securing your money and deposits.

the beauty of this system is you wont need to hire a lawyer where any money you get back goes straight to the lawyer and you lose out.


I came up with this idea on the 16th April 2018 after being ripped off with deposits for events where my deposit money was spent  and i needed to hire a lawyer to get my money back which ended up going to the lawyer and I got nothing back. 


I am sure many other people have suffered this as well, so it is time to secure your deposits and you get it back not a lawyer.

This platform will be for all memberships only at an extra annual or monthly cost. 



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