Tracie Kelly

Tracie will be talking about positive parenting after leaving Domestic Violence


Tracie lived this first hand. The whole thing Tracie says, is what I am doing now is to work with parents to learn the skills of positive parenting, moving from dysfunctional relationships to functional healthy relationship and work on ourselves when our triggers come up.

As parents we aspire to be the best we can be, however "stuff" comes up and gets in the way. I help parents with practical parenting skills and clear up "stuff" that gets in the way of being the best version of ourselves.

To live a happy fulfilled life with meaning and purpose is understand how make that happen. I can help you take the first steps to make lasting changes in your life. I work with people to change their lives by understanding how their thinking creates their life's reality. If you want lasting change to live a happy fulfilled life with purpose then I have the tools to help facilitates the changes by designing your personalized road map to achieving your goals.

Tracie has an array of training and is a highly skilled woman:

  • Studied Advance Study Major in Childhood Development at Australian Institute of Professional Counselors

  • Studied Positive Parenting Trainer at Triple P - Positive Parenting Program /Official Global/

  • Studied Law Of Attraction Certification at Dr. Joe Vitale

  • Studied Ho’oponopono certification at  Dr. Joe Vitale

  • Studied Diploma of Professional Counseling at Australian Institute of Professional Counselors

  • Studies Social Work at The University of Queensland

  • Studied Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis at The Australian Academy of Hypnosis.



Counselor and Hypnotherapist helping parents with the demands of parenting.

Tools YOU will learn

Happier families. Better relationships.

Successful kids.

Road Map for change.

Positive parenting

Contact details

pH: +61 418 335 576

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