One size does not fit all, everyone's business is unique, as are your sales and marketing goals, we get this.






New Empowerment X Transition & Recycle


I believe in helping change people so they can have total control of their lives, their way.


If you are the kind of company who likes to have total control over ever aspect of your business marketing, boy, do we have a "Golden Partnership" for YOU.


“What if we could fill a room with your target market and your most desired customers? And what if you could invest some of your business development money to host them in a private VIP event, just you and them, chatting about their goals, getting to know them in a laid-back environment and then run a contest to get them to give you their contact information

for a future cup of coffee?”


CHRISTINE'S FACEBOOK TOTAL TRIBE... 1665 in Group and growing

With total on Facebook page...4768... In total = 6433



neXt Facebook group | 434

Ovient Management  476 | Followers 354

Ovient Management FB Group  601

Ovient Management registered website data base 349.000 

& growing

Soar High Facebook Private Group: followers over two weeks, 270 and growing


Followers 3799  | Ovient Management

& growing

  • Ovient Management

Twitter 769 followers.


The biggest message and problem in the world is  “I am not Enough”  Soar High workshop will be helping people gain

“Flight within their Light”


We will fill all 4200 seats over two days and have a marketing reach of 500.000 within Australia.

This is just for the first workshop.

Purchase Preferences Stats measured. Measured upon the audience from Social media platforms that are interested in attending the workshop. Examples

  • Buy mobile phones annually: 50 answered and 20% said yes they update their phones annually.

  • Out of the 50 answers, 42% said they were the decision makers.

  • Electronic purchase preference brands?

  • 15% no preference. 40% said they had stuck with their personal preferences, but if a better product came along they would look at changing it. 20% said they bought what is affordable.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr Social Icon
  • Instagram
Gender-PNG-Background-Image (1).png

57%           43%



20% - $25k

45% - $35k

15% - $50k

10% - $75k -$100K

10% + $100k

Less than 18 -10%

25-34 - 20%

45-54 - 30%

Over 65 - 3%

18-25 - 10%

35-44 - 20%

55-64 - 7%


On an average depending on the subjects.


Who is our target audience?
High and Upper middle-class workers, lawyers, Doctors, business owners, who use their mobile phones Samsung, iPhone for all social media and work requirements. Fathers
Upper middle-class mothers who have a good income with home-based businesses. Other transformational speakers, Musicians, CEO’s, Corporate workers on middle to high income brackets, People willing to walk through changes for a better them.

What action do we want them to take?
Purchase entry for the whole weekend workshop…Creating your new generated leads…Webinars, workshops purchases for online… workshops sales at the end of speaking speech… Gain valuable feedback… Get people enthusiastic to talk about your brand from front entry interactive screens.

How will we measure success?
Tracking Social Media Activity, Attendee Feedback and Surveys, Keep a track of check-ins, Easy Tracking with Event App, Live polls and quizzes analytics,


Self-Improvement    ============================ 94%

Set life goals            ========================= 87%

Find life’s purpose   ===================== 70%

Get inspired              ================== 60%

Better relationships  ================= 58%

Build better habits    ======= 24&

Other                        =====10%


Producer of the neXt movement theme song and sponsor.

  • Can we help you connect to your target audience? Thereby helping you reach your sales and marketing goals?

  • Can we help deliver your specific brand experiences directly to the audience who attend the Soar High Workshop?

  • I have a large, growing audience. “The riches are in the Niches.”

  • Activation time: Can we help convince the audiences to purchase from you? Are we a fit to help you produce your goals?

  • Everything we do is custom, tell us more about your Sales and Marketing goals

  • Marketing and visibility customized to fit the marketing goals of your company the way you want it done.

We are not asking for sponsorship because I do not know what you want to spend your sponsorship dollars on, a five-minute phone call or Skype meeting will give me more insight into what you spend your sponsorship dollars on and to see if we are a match?

One of the biggest industries in the world, Self-improvements, Health and Wellness, Personal Growth.

In America alone in the Personal Development Industry the statics are $9.9 Billion.




Everything we do is custom, tell us more about your Sales and Marketing goals.

What do you normally spend your sponsorship dollars on?

What is your preferred audience?



Turning people into potential customers through developing a high data base & followers… Fast tracked.

How Christine Bogers, founder of Ovient Management, neXt and the Soar High workshop used a simple reach on social media platforms to gather a data base to drive more followers for Christine’s neXt movement and Christine’s Speaking and Speakers Events Management business she has developed over the last six months..

Using engaging ads where the audience needs were met with the issues a lot of people face today, amplifying trending content across multiple channels.

Christine drove over 406.416 visits to her website and over 10.000 to Social Media platforms in 6 months.

Christine has a registered 20.000 conversion awaiting her sales of her four books once she has published them.

Challenge: New business, New country, No leads, New Facebook and Social media platforms, No insightful experience on Marketing. I was my first customer to create customers for my events business in  Sydney.


  1. Produced business cards and went out and introduced myself to the businesses in the local community offering 15% off the first event they employed me to do, if they signed up on my Social media platforms, shared and then registered on my website, they got a further 5% off their events, no limit to time frames.

  2. Advertised with competition added to advertisements to draw in customers.

  3. Self-taught SEO, Marketing, Sales & Digital Marketing.

Benefits:  Self-taught in a lot of marketing so as to produce a large data base.

Results. Produced large data base and created events for clients and also could offer marketing for their events as an extra product. Package deals.

According to the Nielsen Book Scan which surveys Australian book retailers, the personal development genre jumped by 35 per cent in 2018, after an 83 per cent growth in 2017. Talk about self-improvement – it's now a market worth more than $53,000,000 annually as is attending workshops for self-improvement within Australia.

The Soar High workshop has employed a Marketing company to do all the marketing.

How much is the personal development industry worth?


A Successful Industry Including market segments from holistic approaches, motivational speakers, inspirational websites, personal coaching, and other forms of personal development, the net worth of this industry is estimated to be almost $11 billion worldwide and growing.

Small Case Study x 2


Contracted in to develop marketing and events for a Restaurant Country Tavern in need of clients.


Launched a new text messaging promotion towards young adults in the Sydney area. Via a local radio DJ, advertised the text message promotion on-air and ran mobile internet ads encouraging people to opt-in to text message promotions. The result was 7,500 consumers opting in. 18% of participants forwarded or showed the text message promotion to their friends. 35% of the participants considered themselves more likely to venture out on the weekend to buy a BBQ meal and a drink. 27% increase in Tavern traffic occurred due to the mobile promotion.


A local Sydney Indian restaurant I was contracted in to drive more traffic with its re-branding under new management.. I  focused its communication strategy exclusively on Facebook from the beginning, beginning with a contest to decide the name of the new restaurant, which sparked hundreds of interactions.


The target audience was defined by geographic location—within a 6-mile radius of the restaurant. The target and geographical area have been expanded over time to test the potential for new restaurants in more distant locations.


Two months before opening day, I began posting pictures of its innovative dishes on Facebook. The posts aroused enormous interest and people began to press for more precise information on the location of the restaurant and the opening.


The restaurant’s opening day attracted over 500 people. The first image I posted on the Facebook page became the best seller over a month selling just over 3000 dishes. Amritsari Machli Is like a spicy fish and chips.





Has the capacity to create things from scratch


  • Comments on the work of others.

  • Unwilling to create anything himself


  • Collects sets of things

  • Defines success as finishing collections.


  • Willing to share others ideas.

  • This person is all thumbs up and willing to share on social media early and often. Joiner

  • Likes contests.


Likes contests.

Spectators / In actives

These people sit back and observe.

The common thing all attendees have, is they seek to better themselves and grow, therefore, they are willing to attend
workshops, apply to do online seminars and anything else it takes to gain personal insightful tools for personal growth.
Self-help and Wellness workshops, these are one of the top searched Google trends with a

high demographic reach daily,
See below Australian daily and month search percentage.

Daily search Google Trends Statistics                                     Monthly 


"Become a part of change for all, giving our children’s future “hope.”

.... in a fun educational loving way




The biggest problem with the world today is, "I am not enough.”


We are all enough, we were all born whole and complete from the moment of conception. Then, human intervention knocks you off your path and lays down self doubts and in return creates negative self talk which prevents movement towards, self belief and most of all confidence.

In this workshop Christine will be giving the attendees the tools to combat self doubts, helping them turn their lives

around, mastering self worth, challenging adversity head on and placing them back on their God given path, teaching everyone to Soar High so they can have “Flight within their Light” without any apologies what so ever.



Christine Bogers 

N - NEW _ E - EMPOWERMENT _ X - EX _ T -

neXt movement is for those against abuse of all kinds, Child abuse, Domestic violence against either sex, yes, both Males, Females and Children who witness this and become the next link in the chain of abuse, either victims or perpetrators. It is time for neXt for all.

neXt will be forming a united collective of all HUMANS to make change once and for all. Then we are no longer sitting in the male and female corners screaming at each other saying who is worse off. Violence is violence and it is time for neXt developing a snowball effect for our children’s futures.

I have come up with an idea to help drive more awareness and break down the barriers of the stigma, shame and silence behind domestic violence, psychological, physical and sexual abuse for all humans, of all races, sexes and ages.

Violence of any kind has no gender, and it is time to stop the shame that boys and men are not abused.
Are you willing to say neXt?


6 things every human has a need for.

1. Certainty – This is the need for stability, safety, security and comfort. If people don’t have certainty, they will have a hard time focusing on anything else.

2. Uncertainty/Variety – If there is too much certainty, life becomes boring as everything is predictable. People have a need for excitement, adventure and challenges.

3. Significance – People have a need to feel valued, unique, important, special or needed.

4. Connection/Love – People want to feel connected to someone or something. Communities of like-minded people or a strong mission can attract people to a cause or group.

5. Growth – People have a need to expand themselves through learning and mastery of a skill or knowledge.

6. Contribution – Having a purpose gives people strength and enables them to feel empowered and valued. Especially when their contribution to something or somebody has an impact

N - NEW _ E - EMPOWERMENT _ X - EX _ T -

Did you know this industry is a $355 Million dollar PER DAY industry and still exploding!

According to Forbes, it’s supposed to almost triple in just the next 5 years alone. Crazy right?

What a wonderful way to get your brand instantly in front of your future audiences, yes instantly and directly.