For people willing to rise up and Soar High in their lives.

“When it rains, most birds head for shelter; the eagle is the only bird that, in order to avoid the rain, soars above the rain clouds"

Soar High Workshop teaching you to have a positive mindset,  face adversity head on to Soar High above the storm and gain control of your life, free from

any-kind of abuse.

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Empowering your life again after leaving abuse.

Re-inventing your life your way.

Empowering YOU on YOUR New Journey.



  • Understanding abuse and the effects is has on you.

  • Addressing patterns of abuse.

  • Owning your life.

  • Getting unstuck.

  • Developing a framework for change.

  • Catching your own Critic

  • Contain Your Negativity

  • Give your Critic a Nickname 

  • Change Negativity to Neutrality.

  • Cross-Examine Your Inner Critic

  • Think Like a Friend

  • Shift Your Perspective

  • Understanding Mindset

  • Why is mindset one of the biggest struggles our world deals with?

  • Understand conscious and partial conscious 

  • What you can learn you can UN-Learn.

  • Developing your mindset 

  • Adopt a fighting mentality to achieve anything in life.

  • Understanding why people abuse behind a screen.

  • Knowing your Why? + More

Christine Bogers

Entrepreneur, Highly Creative,

Author Speaker. Highly Multi talented.

Lived and experienced what it is like to be abused in many forms. Studied NLP, Psychology counseling, Events Management. +More

Advocate for victims who are being

bullied online.


Tracie Beanland

Counsellor and Hypnotherapist helping parents with the demands of parenting.

Studied Advance Study Major in Childhood Development at Australian Institute of Professional Counselors.

Studied Law Of Attraction Certification at

Dr. Joe Vitale



Giving you Wings so you can Soar High in your life,

Becoming the Successful YOU, you Desire

Start Your Journey Now

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2021 / 12th July

Giving you a roadmap for change after leaving abuse, changing your mindset to create a quality life you desire never to return to any abuse of any kind. Standing in your own light and power again your way without the approval of anyone's opinion.

Transform your life now, gain your wings so you can Soar High in your power on your new journey TODAY

Registration for the Soar High Workshop Brisbane 2022

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