Why am I trying to raise funds for this project idea I have come up with? My story is long and hard, yet through Adversity  we can become very creative.

Upon having to go live in a flatting situation and requiring flatmates to survive, I have found myself very disappointed at the amount of dishonest people in Christchurch NZ flatting situations who turned out to be "dishonest" leaving me with their debt from when they had up and disappeared, I came up with this Idea to develop a secure way of securing an honest flatmate.

My goal and dream is to have the " Secure Flatmates" website built so YOU the people looking for flatmates can secure trustworthy honest ones. yes Christchurch is not the only place that lives with the nightmare flatmates who have hidden agendas of depict, manipulations and lies.


It is very hard finding a good flatmate and I know this from experience, I have had to endure flatmates who are untidy and refuse to pay what is owed. I have come home to flatmates who have disappeared without paying their rent and have stolen off me. I did not need this in a time where I walked out on a dysfunctional relationship that had cleaned me out money wise. Most flatmates seem to have a sense of entitlement and no respect at all and the secureaflatmate and the Splitit app will make the much needed changes thereby making all accountable for their expenses.

This is how I have come up with the idea of creating a website that will help YOU secure a sound and honest flatmate and the  Splitit app attached offers security for the head tenant. There are many points of differences within the website compared to other online flatmate searching platforms, all will be revealed upon the pre-launch of the website. 

I will not reveal the full model but you can be assured that YOUR loved ones will be secure in knowing this website offers a better platform for getting the best honest flatmates.

I know YOU would want your sons and daughters safe within their flatting situations, knowing they have honest secure flatmates they can trust fully.

>> How would you like your son or daughter, sister or brother to be misled while having to live with dishonest people?   I know I did not like it,  I never felt like I could not leave any of them in my home with all my stuff and this turned out to be the case.

>> Wouldn’t it be great to know that your loved ones do not have to find the money to recover what is owed from an ex-flatmate. I wished I didn't have to take them to Tenancy Tribunal which was a waste of money, because they still owe me what was not paid even though I won the case through the tribunal.

Dishonest people just do not  care and will never pay even if you win within the Tribunal and we all know what it costs to get a lawyer to go to court to recover through having payments taken out of their wages.

> > Would you like to know they have sound and honest people living with them? I wished I had.

>> Isn't it a good thing knowing that having honest people living with your loved ones gives you peace of mind? I wished I could have trusted these Flatmates to be left in my home alone.

>> Wouldn't it be peaceful knowing that your gifts to your loved ones are secure? For me it was the fact that my mothers last gift to me before she died was stolen.

Let’s work together to make your loved ones " Secure Flatmates"and giving YOU peace of mind.



The SPILIT app that I created and have developed prevents the Head Tenant paying for flatmates share of the flats expenses left behind, eg. Prevention rather than cure. Power bill, pH, Internet.



The Splitit app also will remind flatmates two days prior that rent is due. New potential flatmates must upon registering on the Secure Flatmates Website, register for this app and if they do not accept then they will not be accepted within the website for use.


The app also will align a pin for their pH account so toll calls are paid by the person making the tolls on the flats landline thereby making each flatmate legally bound for their share of accounts, accountable to the companies and freeing up the head tenant having to take them to court to recover what is owed.

There is still loads of work to be done in the background, but I am determined to make this happen for the security for all so you do not have to live the nightmare I have had to live so  YOU and YOUR loved ones are not left with the debt from dishonest flatmates.

I put this on hold for a few years,for personal reason, although I have been developing the website myself, and now it is time to raise more money to make this possible for everyone.

I am a highly creative person, I am capable of achieving anything and I even designed the logo's for this project, i just do it all, because I can, but i need YOUR help to make it all possible. I placed my last $10,000 towards this project, because i know this is going be great for securing honest decent flatmates for anyone who is sick of being ripped off, like I was.

Dont become a victim to these people, use their negatives to drive forward for the good of yourself and others. No one is responsible for the choices of others decisions to harm anyone, but we are all responsible to make things right for our personal well being. I myself personally prefer to be around honest driven people who lift with support rather than destroy anyone.

You can Donate HERE.


I have dealt with loads of crap from these dysfunctional people who stole off me, even one who I booted out because i found him going through my drawers, he turned out to be my stalker, who was hell bent on trying to ruin my life, He thought death threats were OK, sexual advances were OK, in his sick mind maybe, but not mine. 

This is just one example of having lived with bad flatmates that produced a false front on who they are. I thank all these people who were removed, some by the police, because if they had not gifted me their dysfunctions I would not have created this idea.

Still today this guy six years on is hell bent on never letting go, but I am to be the winner as i develop this further, because these dishonest flatmates just add ideas to the website so your family members can secure honest flatmates and be fully protected.