Dont be a screen bully who uses words to kill, judgements and laughing is no laughing matter when you bully others, shows who you are, Gutless.

Understanding gutless Screen bullies.

I have often said to myself and friends who really know me, that screen bullies are gutless self loathing people who lack loads of self-confidence and must transfer their lack of self-worth onto others behind a screen, trying to convince them that it is the person they direct their self hate at and not the person doing the cyber bullying. But I know screen bullies show who they are by what they do to others, all abusers are like this. I really think if someone commits suicide due to being bullied online then a jail sentence for the screen bully should be eminent, it is time to get tough.

In recent years cyber-bullying has become commonly known as a major factor in contributing to a high percentage of suicide in our children and even adults. This is no joke anymore and it has to stop somehow.

Cyber-bullying can take many forms. It can include harassment (insults or threats), spreading rumors, impersonation, outing and trickery (gaining an individual’s trust and then using online media to distribute their secrets) or exclusion (excluding an individual from activities). These activities can be performed via e-mail, instant messaging, text message, social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter and other websites.Cyber-bullying can be more pervasive than traditional bullying. While traditional bullying is generally limited to school and home is a reprieve, victims of cyber-bullying can be reached anywhere, anytime, and the potential audience is huge.

Since moving back to this large country town they call "Christchurch NZ" for personal reasons, I have never in all my life had to deal with so many people who carry such hate and will go out of their way to spread falsehoods without factual written knowledgeable proof that would stand up in court, "air head talk" I call it all "air head talk" with no proof for a reason, these kinds of people are so bored and hate themselves so much that they would spend hours on the internet researching to find fault in people so as to spread their falsehoods more and verbally abuse their targets, what a wasted life.. I have experienced this big time and to be honest I am done and I wont take any more from anyone, I prefer to love than hate, support and lift, rather than destroy..

Brilliant Video Speaks in Real Truths

Since living in Christchurch I have had to deal with constant bombardment of screen bullies, people from Christchurch spreading rumors about me, all falsehoods because these people do not know me one bit and never met me in person and never will, they are just not my kind of people that i would hang or associate with at all.

These people claim I am ditsy, weird and a fake," to name but a few"but I know that this is transference in self denial, because I am a reflection on what they do not like about themselves, transferred onto me as though it is me, when it is actually them they speak about.

I have been told I am weird, and that even my Facebook profile is fake, but the beauty of nonsense like this is that I was not placed on this earth to live my life their way because I am whole and complete the way the higher power, way higher than human thinking created me to be, so why should I be second rate version of them when I am first rate version of me,  their words for me, hold no weight because they are just that words nothing more. For other people though, these words feel like a gun is being shoved in their minds,and mouths to silence them, that the screen bullies words are factual, when they are not your words or thinking at all.

This is a light being shown to you, it shows who these screen bullies really are, why? because these people do not have your DNA, they do not look, walk, talk or think, let alone feel the way you do, because they are not you outright. they have chosen to do this nonsense, not you, so leave it where it lies, with them and their lack of self worth. Their words and actions come from their minds and thoughts, not yours. Use their bullying as a light showing you who they are and why they must direct it at you. They are bullied at home quite often and lack self worth.

These people who are hell bent on spreading falsehoods think they have won, yet when someone must reach above to drag you down to their level then it only means you are above them, keep Soaring High and never ever let anyone invade your mind, because they lack self love, just remain you in all your glory that the higher power created you to be, way higher than any human abusive words and fists.


I will speak up for, help others up and out of abuse of any kind and I just wont stand for any kind of screen bullying, I will make a stand for the little people being bullied and make them shine bright. This kind of nonsense of screen bullying needs to stop now because the suicide rate is high enough and people who are screen bullies need to be shut down once and for all. My loud voice will remain that way shining a light for all those who suffer at the typing abusive words from shallow minded thinking people.  It is now illegal to abuse people online in any way or from, so just tell the screen bullies this. HANG ON A MINUTE! YOU ARE NOT ME,  YOU DO NOT NOW THE WAY I THINK AND FELL, BUT I AM WILLING TO TELL YOU.

You are not vulnerable like society labels you as, the higher power gifted you this to you because you are stronger than the screen bully, way stronger.

What constitutes cyber-bullying?

Bullying in general involves a negative aggressive acts upon another person behind a screen, designed to harm another, usually someone perceived as begin weak and more vulnerable, My Facebook page is designed around that thinking for others for a reason. If you don't have knowledgeable facts, then never assume and spread falsehoods that would never stand up in court, you will be laughed out of court by the judge, trust me I have seen it happen in some of my court cases for defamation.

Cyber-bullying includes posting harassing or threatening texts, tweets, or emails; posting or commenting aggressively about pictures, often photo-shopped or otherwise doctored, to social media, online impersonation and identity theft, outing someone who wishes to keep  personal information private; “trolling” (i.e., continuously posting  offensive comments); and “griefing” (bullying in online gaming communities). In some cases, cyber-bullies even successfully hound their victim to commit suicide. Although harassment using phone calls is generally not included in cyber-bullying definitions, it is another way to mediate aggression through technology.

As social media platforms proliferate, so do the varieties of cyber-bullying. The very freedom of the internet, enshrining free speech, makes texting, tweeting and emailing threatening, aggressive content more likely and less taboo, as those online habituate to it. In addition, the current political climate, with extreme polarization, demonetization of the “other,” and the modeling effects of powerful politicians tweeting threats, may contribute to a “normalization’ of aggressive messaging using social media winch it is not normal let alone acceptable in nay way or form. it is time to shut down this kind of abuse plaguing our society now, because it is no joke to make such negative comments, i can handle these kind of self loathing people, many cannot.


For many cyber bullying affects anyone suffering from cyber bullying in anyone's everyday lives and is a constant source of distress and worry.  With mobile technology being so freely available it is an ongoing issue and one that is relentless.  Not only does it go on after school, college or work has finished, but it then carries through into the next day and the cycle continues.  It has been well documented that cyber bullying has resulted in tragic events including suicide, and self-harm and clearly, more needs to be done in order to protect vulnerable children and adults from online bullying.

If you are worried that your child or a loved one might be the victim of cyber bullying here are some signs to look out for:-

  • Withdrawal from family and spending a lot of time alone

  • Reluctance to let parents or other family members anywhere near their mobiles, laptops etc

  • Finding excuses to stay away from school or work including school refusal

  • Friends disappearing or being excluded from social events

  • Losing weight or changing appearance to try and fit in

  • Fresh marks on the skin that could indicate self-harm and dressing differently such as wearing long sleeved clothes in the summer to hide any marks

  • A change in personality i.e. anger, depression, crying, withdrawn

  • Not being involved with work colleagues events

  • Keeping to themselves within work

  • Creating fake Social media profiles to remain hidden.for self protection.

One of my favorite quotes is the above image, Pulling someone down will never help you reach the top, why? because the bully always needs to reach above to pull down and the more the bully pulls that person down the further the bully goes down. the victim is always above the bully, Bullies can only o love others to the capacity they love themselves, just love and forgive them anyway and get on with your own life your way. .

I have a full file on my screen gutless bullies and photos and all the places they worked, some have been fired due to their abuse.  Apparently I am not the only one who has been their targets and I know who their victims are. Your victims will come to all my workshops for free, none of the screen bullies ever will be allowed ever because we dont allow abusive people associated with us trying to combat abuse from people like you.

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