> Bronze Memebership 3 months only

> Attend one even per week.

> One complimentary drink.  Wine, beer or Orange Juice.

> Matched per preference.

> Entry to three speed dating events per your memebership period.





This membership is valid for 3 months only.

Meals and drinks are at your expense aprt from one complimentary drink upon entry.

There are no refunds once you ave paid for your memebership.

You must register upon entry to the one2date me page on our website, then you must fill in and pay for your memeberhsip, we will match you up with the resgitration.


One2dateme management has full authority on the validation of membership and this membership terms and conditions and validity is subject to change/cancel at any time by One2dateme management.


Go like out facebook page and introduce yourself.



Now leave everything up to us from now on and enjoy.


Bronze memebership 3 months

  • Once you have purchased your Bronze memebership then there is a no refund policy, You will have the option once your membership runs out to opt out.

Ovient Management LTD

Ovient Management LTD



Monday 9am - 5 pm

Tuesday 9am to - 5pm

Wednesday 9 am - 5pm

Thursday 9 am - 5pm

Friday 9 am - 5pm


Singals Technology Soultions, Ovient Management

Restore your Furniture the easy way, no sanding required.

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Singals Technology Soultions, Ovient Management
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