T & C

Please read the T&C fully.

Read the terms and conditions well and make sure you understand them before you submit your application to us as this agreement forms a legal contract with The Online Art Auction.

Information for the artists.

All work is priced under $1,000, if you have pieces you wish to sell over the $1000 threshold please email us on onlineartauction4u@gmail.com

The Online art Auction owners will act as agents for the artist during the Live auction and after to ensure all Art investors who have purchased have full communication between artist and the Online Art Auction Team.

All art entered into the Live Art Auction can be used by the Online Art Auction owners for marketing & advertising purposes.

All of your three art pieces must be available, completed art works and up for sale.

The Artist Art Pieces must not be older than three years old.

All work entered must be the work of a living artist and must be entered by the artist/creator of the work.

All Art work must be the artist’s own work/inspiration/intellectual property.

All Art works required to be signed by the artist.

To be a part of the live art auction all fees must be paid in full.

All Artist Art Work submitted will be assigned a ref number for each art piece.


if the artist sell their three pieces of art during the live art auction, then you will be required to re-submit three new pieces alongside the fee required to sell your three pieces of art. If you only sell one piece of art, then you will be able to remain trying to sell live until all are sold, then artist must re-submit with the fee paid again.

The fees for the Online Art Auction are non-refundable.

All artist must hold a PayPal or Stripe account so the purchaser can make payment for said art sold, no private bank accounts are to be given out to the art investors, you are strictly to use PayPal or Stripe accounts only. this offers the buyers security.

Fees mus be paid once we have written back to you after your application has been received by us. You will have 7 days to pay or you will forfeit your entry.

Sold Art.

All artist are responsible for their art to be delivered to the Art Investors. The Online Art Auction owners are not responsible and will not be held accountable for art not delivered to the art investor. it is solely the responsibility of the artist to ensure art is delivered. We will be checking up that all communication is happening between the artist and purchaser.

It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure that the art  has insurance during transit.

it is the responsibility of the artist to ensure the packing of the art is of high standard so as to create no damage. Please realise If any damage or loss occurs it is at the artist’s own risk.


The purchaser is to pay for said art purchased within 7 days, and is also responsible for International shipping & Packaging, this is not the artist responsibility, it is over and above the price of the art piece that has been purchased.

Payments will be made through PayPal or a stripe account, no private bank accounts will be given out, this is for your protection.

We will hand over the artist details to you for the communication from our artists to the purchaser, the rest is up to you and the Online Art Auction or anyone we work in with holds no responsibility or can be held liable.

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