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For professionals wanting to find a partner in a proper setting then there is no better way than Date & Dine with one2dateme. One2dateme is a Date and Dine Club where we will match you with a potential date based upon your preferences. You choose the restaurant you would like to Wine and Dine at and then we do the rest.  We will send you the date, time and you will meet at the restaurant, the rest is then up to you. or attend speed dating events at the selected restaurants then be seated after the speed dating is over to wine and dine the evening away.

Dating is time consuming. The pool is huge! And I'm sure you don’t want to settle for the first guy or girl that comes along to say "hi". too. This is where the One2dateme Date and Dine Club will do all the work for you creating events, the rest is up to you to find your match.

If you are serious about finding a partner then Sign up below to the one2dateme club, we do screen all applicants and only the serious professionals looking will be accepted... yes we can tell if you are serious about meeting new people with the potential of finding the one you have a connection with.

​The One2dateme Club offers regular well organised social events in carefully selected venues which are chosen for their ambiance, service and cuisine so you can sit back, relax and enjoy meeting new people and making new friends in a safe and enjoyable environment.

All meals and drinks are at your expense at the end of the meal, membership fees are separate pricing.

Platinum $900 Annually 

  • Weekend Holiday with other singles.

  • Attend all events per year

  • Attend the Black Tie Annual Ball.

  • A single Complementary Wine or Beer at each event

  • Blind Dates, Unlimited. 

Gold $700 Annually 

  • Five Blind dates per month.

  • Attend all events each year

  • Attend the Black Tie Annual Ball

Silver $550 Annually.

  • Attend  8 events per year

  • $20 to attend the Black Tie Annual Ball

  • 2 Blind Dates per  month.





Once every two months we will have the opportunity to go away for a fun filled weekend. 

What will happen.

  • Travel to a holiday destination we have organized.

  • Dinning and dancing

  • Entertainment all day, E.G, Kayaking, Diving, Hiking, Sailing. massage, spa + MORE.

We organize the whole trip away with potential matches as a group . The cost of this is over an above your membership and is at your expense. 

We have a few wonderful holidays places we are working in with and activities to go with your weekend away.

You need to be Platinum or Gold to attend these weekend Holiday Singles events.

We will have the Weekend Singles holiday's close to the dates on our Facebook and our website.

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