No More

This is my life to live my way free from your 1+1 = 5 world.

I am dedicating this to all those that have been tormented by a stalker, you are not alone and i hope this helps you deal with the utter complete insanity of a person who stalks.


it's not a Joke

It's not Romantic

it's not OK

STALKING, know it, name it, STOP IT.

Christine's Story

Every human has a story, and Christine is no different, she have been to hell and back yet never in all her life did she ever imagine having to live with a total nutcase stalker, a stalker of 6 years, well her time is come to say no more, no more will she allow you to rule her life, no more will she allow you to ruin her life.

If you are being stalked then I hope this helps you understand the mind of a stalker and how to stop him or her once and for all.



After a relationship break up and moving back home from Sydney to Christchurch, Christine required a place to live, there were at that time not a lot of rentals available so Christine decided to bunk down, renting a room until she found a place of her own.

No one can understand anyone's journey unless it is spoken by the person living it. Yes, it is as black and white as that.


Christine's story has all been placed on police file, all the phone call hang ups, times dates recorded, all the none de-plume names, all the fake Facebook profiles and hate campaigns against Christine and the list goes on, even one of her now deleted emails was hacked and porn was sent to her business contacts. Criminals are not smart, because the IP address the emails were sent from via her now removed email showed exactly where it came from.


is when two people go on a romantic walk together and only one of them knows

about it.



We all have gut instinct, after all it is our animal base essential to our survival on a sub conscious level.


So what do we do when the unknown is another human threatening our security?


I know there are times I felt to scared to report some of the stalking I was living through and I am sure I am not alone, because we dont want our stalkers to escalate their dysfunctional behavior in fear of the consequences we will suffer.

Please dont be like that, report every incident.


Stalking has no gender, race, it happens to everyone, it can effect anyone


All stalkers are and I must implore you to read this, all stalkers are psychologically in-balanced with major instability issues, normal healthy people dont go around doing these kind of things pretending  they are not stalking and offending. Stalking is crime  and has a varied amount of outcomes, and some can be deadly.


Officially, stalking is defined as "the malicious and repeated following or harassing of another person". From a legal perspective, it is included in NZ law under "harassment" and "private nuisance", offenses that sound much less traumatic than that of actual stalking. 


The offense committed by a stalker  is generally associated by harassment and this is covered by Section 8 of the Harassment Act  1997 and constitutes a punishment of imprisonment not exceeding two years.

It is so sad that a stalker can and often acts in a way that their behavior really warrants a harder charge. Stalkers acts tend to be serious assaults like sexual assaults, burglary and in extreme cases, murder..


It is so sad that a stalker can and often acts in a way that their behavior really warrants a harder charge. Stalkers acts tend to be serious assaults like sexual assaults, burglary and in extreme cases, murder. Stalking can be constant harassment online and is illegal.


Stalkers tend to use all ways and means to intimidate you, via emails, constant following, phone calls and hanging up, ringing your place of work all day and any numerous social media platforms.

So why do people stalk?

  • There are many reasons yet the most common seem to be and not limited to.

  • To intimidate you.

  • Obsession with their victim.

  • To control or remain in control with their victim.

  • Self-belief that a relationship actually is happening with their victim.

  • To intimidate  due to knowledge of a crime they may have done.

Some steps to keep you safe and in charge of how things will be.

  • Always report every incident to the police,

  • If you know the person,, let them know you are  not interested, but always do this via text or email, never in person or on the phone

  • You need to keep records of all contacts, phone calls  all attempts to contact you, times and dates.

  • Alter your daily  routines.

  • Regulatory change email and social media passwords  in-case of being hacked.

  • Remove yourself from the electoral role.

  • In extreme cases change your name legally.

  • Speak to lawyers to get the appropriate restraining orders set in place.

  • Do not accept gifts full stop.

  • Change towns and or countries,

  • If you feel you are in danger then ring 111 straight away. 

  • Never ever use any services associated with your stalkers friends or brothers friends.

  • Limit your time on Social Media and make darn sure all your security settings are two way and totally private , do not accept new friends even if they are associated with your friends,


Now remember stalkers have no boundaries so keep very vigilant and pro active in self-protection and never ever try to deal with this on your own. Stalkers always have underlying psychological issues  and are hell bent so do not allow yourself to become a statistic,, speak it loud and clear  and never do it alone, because you cannot help them.

Stalkers often suffer from low self-esteem, psychological illness, drug & alcohol dependency, sociopath tendencies, depression and delusions 

The average stalking length can be between 6  month to two years, if the stalking continues on for longer  and if this is the case? this is a serious issue and one to not be taken lightly at all.

If you really feel threatened  and no matter how many times you report and nothing is happening from the officials then do what I am doing, which is to change my name legally and move out of the town you live in, more so overseas, because more than often these stalkers have criminal records and cannot leave the country, this is what I am doing leaving this country for good and changing my name legally where him and his minions will never know I am or know my name.