Chritine Bogers Author & Transformaional Speaker

Jealous negative people will always try and dim your light, squash your dreams. Negative people will always find fault if you don't make it the first time, Remember fail means, "First Attempt In Learning" and your non-successes is what gets you to your success.

Tune out negative people from your life for good and keep Soaring High towards your Success for Flight within your Light


Online workshop giving you Courage through adversity.

Henry Ford said, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that an airplane takes off against the wind, not with it” We don't develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. Regardless of the cause, you must learn from the experience, and you need to own it. You have to draw from it, so you can progress to the next phase of your journey.


The bigger the adversity you have endured, the bigger the lesson and the bigger the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

It is not a crime to dream big and keep walking & working towards your dreams & goals, even if they don't turn out the first time, never give up, just keep going and going because the greats failed many times before they achieved big. You need to remind yourself that you deserve to be living your life your way  without any apologies whatsoever, even to your close friends, you must remain true to yourself first and foremost. If friends and family do not support you then remove them from your life, because they will become a weight that drags you back and prevent you from your personal growth and forward movement towards your dreams and goals, just remove them without any apologies  what so ever. 

Know this; success only comes from failure, why?  Because we learn through mistakes, we grow through it and from it, so rejoice in your gifted  journey and if someone tells you, you are a failure, then say "hell yes" that is what will get me to my success.

I want you from this moment on say to yourself,  I am no longer living for  others approvals, this is my life and my journey and only I understand it, it is a journey that a higher power has gifted me and I get that you don't understand, because it is for me and me alone,

I also want you to start saying to tall poppies, dream squashes  that it is none of my business what your perception of me is, I get that you dont get it and are afraid to step outside your comfort zone so you can gain success, I get you live in fear and that is why you must try and bring me down, well know this, it is about you and not me, my thinking is not your thinking or words. I do not have your DNA, I do not look like you, think like you or feel like you, therefore i cannot be the way you perceive me to be, it is about you and not me at all.

I am no longer living for others approval, and I never will again... I love that at times I fail because I know   FAIL means  First Attempt In Learning"  and if I don't fail I do not reach my success.

Only you have your power to live your life your way and no one has a right to take it away.  If someone tries to dim your light and are nothing but judgmental towards  who you are and what you are doing,  then know they will abuse, spread lies about you because they have lost power over you  and or are incapable of walking to the UN-comfortable to get to the other-side where their  Flight within their Light is. For those who are willing to step into the unknown  then they get it because they know this is called growth and success, you must be willing to unlearn the way of the factory line of control and always  remember this is your life not theirs, just remove them and fire them for good.

Never allow anyone into your head to alter your thinking, this is your life and you must live it your way no matter what anyone says or thinks of you.  If people try and bring you down then remember snakes always bite and place their venom in you because they are to afraid let alone dear to dream towards success,. Their venom breeds fear in them but they must pass it on as though it is you when it is them.  Just remove these kind of people from your life, for they offer no purpose in your life. 

I have had people tell my children that oh your mother is weird,  she is nuts, and such a failure, I laugh in the face of negative thinking from others being placed on another person, why?  Because I KNOW I AM THEIR REFLECTION OF HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT THEMSELVES AND PREFER TO TRANSFER IT ON-WARDS IN DENIAL OF HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT THEMSELVES. One finger pointing at anyone and three  will always will  be pointing back at them.  So laugh it off and step away smiling in knowing you are nothing more than their reflection of themselves and leave it where it lies, with them.

  • Have you been so abused by others perceptions of  who they say you are? 

  • Do you struggle with letting go of their falsehoods placed on you as though their perceptions are actually you?

  • Do you tell yourself you are not worthy? 

  • Do you tell yourself you are incapable at achieving anything in your life?

  • Do you actually believe what people say about you? 

  • Do you struggle with your inner self critic ?

  • Do you wish more for you life? 

Would you like to remove all self doubts and change your life around?