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Some of Christine's art, We will upload more soon.

Nearly all Christine's art lives overseas where she is known due to being one of the 10 selected artist for a high end Private Paris Art Auction held 3 times a year for very high end buyers.

The first piece of art lives in Paris and her new piece which is similar is just as stunning, Christine has called the new art piece Beyond Blue.... Head here to view it. HERE

People in NZ dont know Christine as an artist, which is her side line hobby. Christine has sold all of her art for years now overseas. We have lost count of how many pieces she has created and sold now, but we are working on placing as many of Christine art pieces  as we can on her website and will get all details we are willing share.

No buyers will be shared full stop that is private. 

Christine is one very highly multi talented woman. 


Rustic gem
Lives in Paris.
Sold while living in Sydney NSW

Size is 6 foot long x 3 1/2 feet wide. Mixed media

Sold for $59.000
Lives in Scotland
Sold in 2019

Acrylic and oil on Canvas 6ft x 4ft

Sold for $ 15.000
Enraged Mountain
Oil on board and framed 10 ft H x 5 ft W

Live in New York sold 2010
Pearl luster
Lives in California, Painted in Sydney

4 ft x 3ft
Sold for $8.000
Lives in Zagreb
Painted 2009
Oil on 6ft Canvas

5ft x 5ft
Sold for $14.000
Lives in Ireland

Painted in Sydney 2008

7ft height x 3 ft wide
Sold for $14.000
Taking Flight
Live in Tuscany Italy

Oil on Canvas

7 ft H x 3ft W
Sold for $16.000
Lives in the Gold Coast QLD

Mixed Media on Canvas

3 ft x 4ft

Sold for $6000
Lives in MO USA

Mixed med on large 6 ft x 4ft Canvas
Lives in MO USA

Mixed Media 6ft Canvas
Strained Alone
Oil on canvas and framed

4 1/2 ft x 4 1/2 ft

Sold for $12.000
Vased Beatuty
Mixed Media on Canvas

Still have in my home up for sale
Lives in Canada

Oil on split canvas

3 ft long x 1 1/2 ft H

Sold for $1400
Pear shaped
Lives in Sydney

Water color on board and framed.
Tidal shores
I will never sell this one I have it in my lounge and always will where ever I live.
Lives in Cyprus

Large 6ft x 4ft mixed media

Sold for $26.000
All shaped
Lives in Sydney

5ft H x 2 ft W

Sold for $3000
Lives in Auckland North Shore

6ft H x 4ft W

Sold for $6000
Mystic beauty
6gt l tall x 4ft

Mixed media on Canvas

Lives in Holland Tilberg

Sold for $18000
Mixed Media on Board and framed
Lives in CHCH
Mexican Chicken
Lives in my home

Acrylic on board
New Horizons
Lives in New York
Oil on Canvas
Lives in New York
All woman
Oil infused in paper and placed on board and framed.
Lives in CHCH
Raw features
Oil painted on raw Canvas Lives in New York

10 ft H x 8ft W

Sold for $59.000
Outback beauty
Oil on board and framed

Lives in Sweden
Life Cycle
Water Color
Lives in Brisbane

6ft H x Ft H

Sold for $12.000
Fire Dance
Oil and Acrylic on board and framed.

10ft long x 4 ft width

Sold for $25.000

Lives in Braunschweig Germany
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Rustic gem

Lives in Paris. Sold while living in Sydney NSW Size is 6 foot long x 3 1/2 feet wide. Mixed media Sold for $59.000