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Christine is a highly multi talented woman and a lot of people tell her this, opposed to the haters she has who stalk, spread falsehoods because they are to afraid to step into the UN-known for success on the other side.


Christine had the strength to remove all her family and ex husband from her life for good and yes even her children because they were the next link in the chain of abuse on her, You cannot expect any different because they were role modeled into treating their mother like their father did, so Christine felt for her new life road map this was the only way, away from all the abuse.

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Working towards making an impact in people's lives after having dealt with abuse of any kind.

So what is abuse of any kind?

  • Physical abuse.

  • Domestic violence

  • Covert verbal Abuse

  • Verbal Abuse.

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Workplace abuse

  • Psychological or emotional abuse.

  • Digital abuse.

  • Stalking.

And the list goes on..

Christine has written four books which are yet to be published. Christine's books are based upon her life of having dealt with abuse in many forms.

Christine books are written in a way that will help you understand that your past does not define who you are, that you are not broken and do not need fixing, Christine books have a self help course attached to each chapter to help guide you to gain Flight within your Light after leaving abuse so as to never return to any kind of abuse ever again in your life.

Christine's four book are based upon her four pillars for her speaking she has developed after living and leaving abuse herself.

  1. Teardrops on my Wings

  2. Broken Winged Flight

  3. Flight within your Light

  4. Love without Judgements.

  5. A Thousand Stories, being written at present.

Everyone is on their own journey. Christine is no different, yet her journey is unique to Christine, like all journeys anyone is on, it is unique to them and them alone. No one can understand anyone's journey unless it is spoken by the person living it. Yes, it is as black and white as that, no one is you, no one has your DNA, let alone your finger prints, you are the beautiful unique you and there is no one in this world that is you. Only YOU know YOU.

There is nothing worse than leaving a dysfunctional relationship, it sends you into a downhill spiral, and you lose all self-worth and then you engage in self-doubt which in turn attracts the same type of people towards you, Yes, Christine knows this first hand, she has lived it for a few years after moving back to Christchurch from Sydney  after leaving a horrible dysfunctional relationship. Never in Christine's wildest dreams did she think that the defamation of falsehoods spread abut her would ruin her life. Christine is happy to own her life, she is on a journey like every human being is on. Some will speak loud and proud of their struggles so it can help others, and then there is the others, who use your struggles to defame another human being. People like this are self-loathing and do this kind of harm to a persons reputation so they can feel good in their self-loathing lives which are actually hollow. When you knock someone down you do not lift yourself by doing this, the person you knock down is the weight on top of you, so the person doing the knocking down becomes lower.

If you are or have been the subject of falsehoods then know this, people who criticize, spread gossips and rumors about a person are doing way less than the person they lie about.

Christine is one very strong person, yet with all the falsehoods spread about her she never thought it would come to what she is experiencing now and how these people have ruined her life for now, "yes only for now."  Christine says, I want people to remember before you spread lies, make sure you can back it all up with factual documents that would stand up in court, not just air head talking gossip, because one day someone is going to take you to court and you better be ready with factual proof.

Spreading rumors about people actually damages the person you gossip about, think before you speak because it is illegal to damage someones reputation.

Christine's Mother use to say to her.

Are you not glad that you are not like the people who spread rumors? are you not glad that you dont get why people would hurt others and these people who abuse others?

Are you not glad you do not get these kind of people? Because if you got them then you would be no different to them, knowing my daughter I know you would never hurt anyone.

That is why she refuses to be around negative abusive people, yes, gossiping is from people who are abusive as well, because gossip is a type of abuse, spreading falsehoods about people is abuse, "it is verbal abuse".

Christine's mother said if someone has a need to tell you gossip, ask them why they have a need to tell you what is being said about another person behind their backs? then walk away, do not give them a chance to tell you the falsehood gossip.

When someone spreads Falsehoods about another person, know this.

Falsehood has infinity of combinations, but truth has only one mode of being.


I have climbed this mountain and now I am finished with all your lies & Falsehoods. 


I am doing this to help Christine and I know Christine would want it done in a way to help others who experience this kind of abuse.

Christine often said to me that she wondered when life would go back to normal? She has  spent a few years wondering this since moving to a town after leaving a dysfunctional relationship. Her ex would say it was not dysfunctional, yet I met with Christine most weeks in Sydney and saw the massive changes in her, She never told him we met, because she was not allowed to have friends unless he new them, but Christine kept loads from him, even meeting with our long term friend Ray, she kept loads from him to self protect.

Normal is a relative term nothing more.. Abuse be it emotional  or physical creates emotional chaos and psychological upheaval and yes, both of these are very real. Now imagine moving back to a town you feel comfortable with to start a fresh new life and all you are greeted with is falsehoods spread about you, to the point it is damaging, after all mud sticks when lies are spread by haters and accepted by fools.

Life is hard enough leaving and working on the challenges presented to anyone for growth.

Christine say's it is time for her to speak up loud and clear on what she has endured since moving to this town and how it has effected her.  Christine said she felt it was easier living in an abusive marriage and relationship compared to dealing with this kind of abuse she has endured.

Christine moved back home and often says to me, that it was the worst  thing she  could have done, but then everything in life has a message for growth,

life happens for you not to you.  "Christine has told me this for years now"

Christine is a highly multi talented woman, she never stops creating and going after what she wants that suits her and her life and I know she is very good at what she creates. Yet since moving to a town of tall poppies she has been met with loads of falsehoods spread about her, even the sheepal followers who do not know her, and insist that what they have heard is truths, when it is not tend to be easy with their mouths as well. 

I have known Christine for 30 years now and what these small-minded people have said about her is not the Christine I know and have known for 30 years.

Time for truths:

Christine moved back to  NZ after her break up, she had to bunk down in a home until she found a place of her own. The home she choose after meeting with the head tenant and his mother, who just happened to be there, all dressed to the nines for a false image  being portrayed, to aid in smoothing over and hiding what this home and the person was really like.  Christine was not privy to criminal behavior in NZ because she had been living overseas for a few years.  Little did she know what she was getting into by moving into this home, it was to turn out to be a nightmare.

The nightmare began when after a month of living in this home. Christine had left early and was with a friend until late evening, she arrived home at around 9.30 pm she recalls, to be told the police are looking for you by her flatmate.  Christine asked why? and his reply was, because you have been trying to stab me with that knife, he points to the bench, it was Christine's knife when not in use was always kept in the kitchen drawer. Christine laughed at him and said wow I must have long arms.  Just then the phone rang and her flatmate said, you better answer that, it will be the police and they will want to talk to you. Christine answered the phone and it was police comms, they asked what is happening? Christine's reply was I do not know, I have been out all day since early morning and just got in to him accusing me of trying to stab him all day.  The woman on Police Comms asked if Christine was OK, she said yes and just then the door bell rang and it was two policeman, Christine let them in and proceeded to tell them she had been out all day, and came home to this,  One policeman went and talked to her flatmate while the other spoke with Christine,  The policeman said I advice you to move out or this will get worse.

Christine's reply was, what makes you think I would stay? and then she said, would you?  he said nope, and Christine's reply was neither would I.  The next day she moved out to live in her car until she found a place to live.

Moving her stuff out the next day, she was told by the now ex flatmate and his Dr brother, FCK with the bull and get the horns, she ignored it but had her phone on record in her pocket, so she got everything that was said. Always remain ten steps ahead of people like this.

Upon moving into Christine's new place she found  she felt that the abused weight had lifted, oh how wrong was she.  The first incident was the fact that she was being fast tracked for a breast reduction with the help of her flatmates brother, she had been to the hospital and  had the breast photos taken, then after moving out it all came to a halt very fast. Corruption within the medical world. Her flatmate had said the day she was moving out that he would make sure she did not get a breast reduction and he was right.

Then a week later after Christine had moved into her place, he found out her landline phone number and would ring constantly, breath then silence and hang up, all recorded dates, times and the amount of calls, all calls tracked back to his landline.

Christine had got a job and the calls did not stop at her home, he also found out where she was working and the phone calls started every ten minutes ringing and asking for Christine, she lost that job a week later due to his constant calls every ten minutes.

Christine said people do not take you seriously, they look at you, as though it is you with the problem, when Christine's  stalker is a predator, online and off line and he is very socially backwards in his thinking. Christine said she fears the fact that they are gang affiliate, so he told her.  By what Christine has told me he has a narcissistic personality disorder with very low self-esteem and he carries a high sense of self wort, i he is a dangerous and delusional person.

When you reject  these kind of people they become hell bent and develop an obsessed addiction to you. if you reject their advances then they either send constant emails, follow you, or you receive gifts and or they hack your emails and send out porn to your contacts, in  Christine's case this happened. I shut down Christine's email that he hacked, it no longer exists and her new one is fully secured away from his prying eyes and sick mind.

So when Christine was told by the ex-flatmate and his DR brother, " FCK with the bull and you will get the horns"  do not take this lightly. Like Christine said take caution and "Never, ever underestimate a threat. Don't take it lightly, even if it's in an email. Take it to the authorities. But if you ignore it at your own peril. It will only get worse," she says.

The obsession love wheel -- the various stages of a stalker relationship obsession:

  • The attraction phase

  • The anxious phase, when the controlling behaviors show themselves

  • The obsessive phase, where stalking takes place

  • The destructive phase

"Unless a stalker wants to change, you can't stop them,"  It has been years for Christine  "6 years to be precise"  You know the issue with stalking is the stalkers knows that the police will not act upon reports of stalking. The police often say if you ring us to say this person is on your property then we will come. Well what about if they have broken in and are holding you up in your home, no chance of being able to ring then is there.  These kind of sick obsessions needs to be taken seriously because people do get hurt if not murdered.  

A lot of the time stalkers have addictions issues and in Christine's stalker case he is an alcoholic and is a home detention criminal from a past criminal act he did with loads of interest from a news crew.  He spends a lot of time creating fake profiles on Facebook, "non de-plum" names, Wendy Jape, Craig Ogier Wendy Wilson and the list goes one,  and even hate campaigns Facebook pages against Christine, all  shut down by the police and Netsafe. Every incident is on file with the police and Netsafe, mind you Christine records everything in documentations prepared for court if need be, yes, factual proof.

One indecent that aided in Christine loosing $10.000 where a band approached Christine to manage and set up a tour throughout NZ

Christine got to work straight away, she even designed their t-shirts for them, she did it all, paid for their flights, hotels, hired extra  equipment they asked her for, Christine got a van sorted and even offered to set up in her home a room for them to stay in free of charge. I helped her go and get a queen bed and everything they would need in the room she was setting up for them.  Christine booked and paid a deposit on some venues which required this, Christine designed the posters and paid for them to be printed  off, she also designed the their tickets and had them printed off, Christine set up a film crew, Christine did production in fact Christine did it all, weeks of work to make it happen for this band, and two weeks out she starts getting phone calls from venues saying they wont accommodate a scam artist, they had received phone calls from a woman and a man saying that Christine was a scam artist. 

Point of facts.

  1. Do scam artist pay for everything?

  2. Do scam artist open up their home and set up a room with furniture out of their own pockets.

  3. Do scam artists design and print off posters and tickets at their expense?

  4. Do scam artist design their t-shirts and have a few printed off at their expense?

  5. Do scam artists pay for the new band flights?

  6. Do scam artist organize the whole tour taking up time for no return money wise? I know event managers say time is money like all businesses do.

  7. Do scam artist pay for equipment?

  8. Do scam artist pay for hotels and motels require throughout NZ out of their own pocket?

  9. Do scam artist loose money or rip people off? In all my life scam artist rip people off and never ever use their own money to pay for a tour for a band.

I find it very amusing that there are people worldwide who create new businesses everyday, yet when it comes to Christine she is not allowed. Why is it OK for others and not Christine? and why do small minded people go out of their way to make sure she will never be allowed to create anything? This has damaged Christine  to the point if she try's and creates jobs, she is being followed and any business she try's and works in with is told not to work with her because she is a so called scam artist, yet funny Christine does not have a criminal record like the stalker has and we know she never ever will. It has killed Christine financially not being able to work or create work and this is why I have set up  this fundraiser to help her pay a debt she owes someone and to help her move out of the town she lives in for good and overseas away form the stalker. The beauty is he cannot move overseas and like Christine told me this give her freedom and also the freedom now I have set everything online use so secure for her online.

I have only mentioned a few things that have happened, but I think you get the drift, it has been a nightmare for Christine, loads of tears and fears with David and myself " Mike" supporting her.  A woman has been a real support for Christine as well, but like Christine said she is real and does not make false promises for gold medals for all to see, she understands.

I was asked by Christine to add in a final segment so people know what this has done to her. Christine due to loss of income from the falsehoods has not been asked to leave the rental property, she does no know anyone here and has no way of moving out, she has sought help everywhere with a zero return of help, there are no storage units available and she has no way of moving all her stuff out and leaving this place the way she moved in. Her landlord has been wonderful and says she is an amazing tenant, you have never missed a beat and looked after this place so well., She needs help with this as well after being made broke.

Christine has isolated herself away from his prying eyes and his minions, plus her family who are no different to him. In this away time Christine has developed her own workshop, written four books and is onto her fifth book. She has developed her own workshop the whole two day event. She needs help because she has been everywhere and all met with we cannot help you and this is another reason why I started this fundraiser for Christine, but we need your help so Christine can help  impact lives worldwide who are suffering abuse of any kind like Christine herself has lived with.


                   Written by Mike Addenbrooke Christine long term friend of 30 years.  I know Christine inside and out and you do not.

Thank You for Helping

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