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Christine is a highly multi talented woman and a lot of people tell her this, opposed to the haters she has who stalk, spread falsehoods to prevent her form achieving what she is setting out to do.

Christine had the strength to remove all her family and ex husband from her life for good and yes even her children because they were the next link in the chain of abuse on her, You cannot expect any different because they were role modeled into treating their mother like their father did, so Christine felt for her new life road map this was the only way, away form all the abuse.

You can read Christine story by clicking on the button above.

Working towards making an impact in people's lives after having dealt with abuse of any kind.

So what is abuse of any kind?

  • Physical abuse.

  • Domestic violence

  • Covert verbal Abuse

  • Verbal Abuse.

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Workplace abuse

  • Psychological or emotional abuse.

  • Digital abuse.

  • Stalking.

And the list goes on..

Christine has written four books which are yet to be published. Christine's books are based upon her life of having dealt with abuse in many forms.

Christine books are written in a way that will help you understand that your past does not define who you are and that you are not broken and do not need fixing, Christine books have a self help course attached to each chapter to help guide you gain Flight within your Light after leaving abuse so as to never return to any kind of abuse ever again in your life.

Christine's four book are based upon her four pillars for her speaking she has developed after living and leaving abuse.

  1. Teardrops on my Wings

  2. Broken Winged Flight

  3. Flight within your Light

  4. Love without Judgements.

Everyone is on their own journey. Christine is no different, yet her journey is unique to Christine, like all journey anyone is on, it is unique to them and them alone and no one can understand anyone's journey unless it is spoken by the person living it. Yes it is as black and white as that, no one is you, no one has your DNA, let alone your finger prints, you are the beautiful unique you, there is no one in this world that is you and only YOU know YOU.

You can read Christine's story HERE, and it has not been pretty, Rape, Domestic Violence, living with her children who treat her like her ex-husband did, blaming her for his abuse and rejection from her family, this is why Christine decided to remove all of them from her life for good and for her peace of mind. Christine has lived with death threats, stalking, people who have spread falsehoods about Christine and the list goes on, loads of different kinds of abuse, yet Christine keeps her face towards her goals, no one can ever stop me, ever. Christine often says to me, no matter what people decide to dish out at me, one thing they can never ever do is stop me from living each day my way.

After leaving the abusive relationship in Sydney Christine has gone on a different path towards what she knows she is meant to be doing, She has an advantage, which is she is an underdog with a multitude of skills and her main one is to become a speaker and hold her very first Soar High Workshop she has been developing on her own so she can help people to Soar High in their lives after leaving abuse of any kind.

What will the money be spent on? Christine told me she has been trying to raise money so as to go and train further to get all the structures right and to Unlearn fully so as to re-code her life a new, Christine words, not mine "Mike."


Christine has spent hours developing presentations for banks, potential backers, angel networks, all met with sorry we cannot help you, I have seen the works she has put in, long hours and this is why I decided to set up on Christine's website a fundraiser for her to get the funding to go and train further with other people who have made it and have also been where she is at present, i know when she achieves, then there will be no stopping her. Do not misconstrued this website as being up and running business, Christine is starting from scratch to re-invent her life her way away from the abuse she has endured.

Everything you see on here is what Christine is working towards. Every day she is up at 5 am and more than often in bed around midnight, if not later, which is more the case, living on a few hours sleep a night, nothing is stopping her and no one will ever be able to stop her, she awakes every morning in running speed mode.

See when woman leave abuse, they are left completely broke, and it takes ages, if not years to re-coupe back to a life of being able to eat and save. Christine starves daily, yet she is determined to achieve what she has set out to do and I feel she might be Unknown now, but in a few years she will be Unforgettable, because she is that talented, and I know I am not the only one who says this, I have witnessed these comments towards what Christine dose.

Christine wants nothing better than to go Train with Chris Duncan so as to re-code her life a new, Christine holds Chris in high regard and she says there is no one better to help her further to Unlearn all the lies she was raised around, like we all have been,. Society structures are so wrong on so many levels Christine says, I remember her saying this over 23 years ago and Chris Duncan has re-lit that flame in Christine. Christine wishes to re-structure her life a new then she can continue to help people to Soar High in their lives their way without anyone's permission.


For everyone who donates LESS THAN A $100, you will get her 3-month course for free, Valued at $177. See what the three-month course entails HERE.

For anyone donating over $100 you will be given that discount off your tickets to go to Christine's Workshop live to the value you donated.

Please help Christine out so she can impact millions of people worldwide to Soar high in their lives after leaving abuse.

Created by Mike, Christine's long-term friend, IT and Marketing geek.


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