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Teardrops on my Wings... Living a life of abuse, losing self-identity, understanding abuse and helping you walk back to your god given path giving you your self love again. Giving you the tools to help you fly towards you again.

Understanding abuse and judgement's right within five minutes of talking to someone.

Author Christine Bogers

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Showing you that when you assume things about others, it  is not correct, because these people  you judge are not you. They do not talk, walk or think like you, they do not have your DNA or look like you,  therefore they cannot do like you. 

When you love yourself enough you will understand this and never judge another person. 

Walking your own path and standing strong in your own light without any apologies. Learning to love yourself without any judgments.Giving you the tools to remain in-love with you to keep you on your own path.

Author Christine Bogers

Cover designed by Christine Bogers 

Chritine Bogers: Author, Brokn Winged Flight. Book 2



Broken Winged Flight......Left abusive relationship all broken, having to get up and walk again on one's own completely, with no support at all, how to deal with all the judgments when you are totally broken. Teaching you how to fly again your way. Gaining self-identity and strength, and being UN-apologetic on who you are.

Author Christine Bogers

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Flight within your Light...Gaining flight within your new life, learning to love and like yourself,.

Gaining strength, Identifying patterns of abuse right from the first date, Remaining strong in your convictions for a new life your way, giving you Flight within your Light.

Author Christine Bogers

Cover designed by Christine Bogers 

The four pillars to understanding abuse and how it can re-program your own persona. 

Teardrops on my Wings will take you on my journey of abuse, both physical, physiological and help you surface your abuse, your darkest lonely moments when you feel abandoned and completely alone. I will gift to you a realization that you are not alone.

I am going to take you right down to your core being and help you rip out the toxic tar that the abuser/s have planted inside of you to make you doubt yourself. I will make you understand that you are not broken, you are whole and complete right from the moment of conception. I will gift to you the tools so you can heal, up and out of your re-programmed thinking that re-shaped your whole persona, then take you back towards you having Flight within your Light.

Teardrops on my wings has been written in a way that you start to motivate to identify back into you and what is a suffocating weight inside of you, preventing forward movement into your light. You are going to need to shift your being and this is where the second book comes into play,

My second book "Broken Winged Flight" is going to give you the tools to help you gain forward movement into the ugly toxic tar from the abuse, thereby helping your shift towards a new life. dealing with the chatter in your head and how to control it and turn it into a positive.

Flight within your light is the third book which is going to teach you how to fly high and be in-love with you helping you reach for your life your way so you have "Flight within your Light" leaving the chatter in your head behind. 

Love without Judgments will teach you how to love everyone, forgive everyone and first and foremost love yourself without any judgments.

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