Christine's Creative Mind

Christine has a very creative mind, not only in producing products never to be seen before but also in the arts, and events management, creating unique events and festivals. Christine loves all the arts but her true love is helping people up and out of abuse. Christine's inventions she has created below are seeking help to place into production.

Christine dose it all, graphics etc. she dose it all

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Christine created the recipe for this Moo Fizz 12 years ago, everyone loved it.

On the "16 July 2008" all documented recipes , dates etc, Christine also designed up the bottle and graphics for bottles, old milk bottle shape. The colored square and bubbles will represent the flavors. only Christine has the recipe that works.


I Have a backer for this now and we are working together to make this possible.



Christine designed a bra on the 16th March 2000 after suffering massive headaches and back problems due to large breast, and she called it UpliftHer. It has been designed to keep the spine in alignment thereby keeping the hips in correct posture, it lifts the breast to making them weightless. All bras do not support correctly and they place weight on the back, hips and shoulders which creates headaches, shoulder strap indents, bad back and poor posture + More.These are the issues woman suffer due to large breasts..Think of bras, like a t-shirt being worn, because that is all they are, Christine's bra design, is different it supports, lifts and keep the spine in alignment to aid in real support.

Christine bra is so different it might take a while for woman to get use to this unique bra design.

Christine's bra is like you have had a breast reduction, but at a more affordable price so it will serve many woman worldwide. .

Add designs and dates are recorded and verified from a Justice of the peace.

Only Christine has this design she created and it is no where to be seen in the world..



The first ever directory for everything surrounding events, everything in one place. Connect with musicians, staging, audio engineers, Lighting companies, Catering, Event staff, Venues, MC's, Speakers  + more, everything required to organize and execute your events, worldwide, all in one easy search directory "Visitility"

Christine has been developing the website for Visitilty with her long term friend Mike, as money rolls in they get to working on building this business.

When Christine needed to source businesses for events in Sydney, she found it long hours of work to find everything she needed and if they were not available then it was back to the grindstone, this is how Christine came up with the idea of having all required businesses, venues etc in one directory for events.

We nearly have this done but require final funding to complete it fully and launch Visitility.

Secure deposits..png

Secure deposits will be integrated into the Visititly Events Directory as an extra within your membership,

Secure Deposits is where you can pay deposits to businesses via a secure online platform. The receiver of said deposits can see you have paid but is not able to pull deposits out until said date of two weeks prior to event. This is going to secure any deposits paid by you where you will be able to draw your money back directly into your bank account if outside said date of event thereby securing your money and deposits.

Christine came up with idea after being ripped off with her money she paid as deposits, she said to me she should have just handed the criminals her bank account. This is how Christine came up with this idea , so as too secure deposits paid keeping your money secure.

To go with Visitility.


Secureflatmates was also created by Christine when she had no option but to get flatmates in, this turned out to be nightmare. Their sense of entitlement went beyond their weekly rent and their lazy attitude and disrespect towards Christine's furniture was outright disgusting. Their attitudes needed to be checked in often, but what made the final crunch for Christine was when she went away for a weekend and came home to her flatmate gone and out walked Christine's Mountain Bike, her TV, her bedroom suite she had in the spare room she rented out to the criminal, alongside other stuff all owned by Christine all stolen. She often says, they walk in with a suitcase and leave with more and the more is not theirs, These kind of low life's also leave the head tenant with their debts. This is how Christine developed the idea for Secureflatmates. This website myself "Mike" and Christine have been building for a few years now, we have a fundraiser going to raise all the money that is required to develop and to get and the Splitit app Christine created as well. The Splitit app is going to secure payments being made plus more for landlord and head

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