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Entrepreneur, Highly Multi talented Woman. Author, Artist, Speaker, + More

Christine knows that mindset is the key to success in your life.
Did you know your brain can change?
The good news is that you can change your mindset after all we all learn new things and when we do the neural pathways creates a connection with the receptors which is a new learning created in your brain, so what you learned during the abuse you endured you can UN-Learn because you are capable of this. You are not what your abusive partner said you were.


If your dream is the seed, then gratitude is the fertilizer.

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From My Blog

My Blog is for those who wish to engage privately is positive communication on subjects of changing ones mindset away form all the stalkers, negative people who insist on judging you.

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Only YOU have the power to live YOUR life YOUR way. No one has the right to tell YOU how to live your life, no one has the right to tell you how to think and feel, because they are not YOU, only YOU know YOU.

Negative abusive self loathing people will always try and make you doubt who you were born to be, Just say, "hang on" you are not me, you do not have my DNA, my finger prints, you do not look, feel like me therefore i cannot do as you say i should, because I am not you.

You have the power within to design your life your way without anyone's permission what so ever. Start YOUR JOURNEY back to YOU.


for my Books

Christine's four books are the pillars for her speaking, helping people up and out of abuse, giving you to the tools to take you back to you your way,free from self doubt placed in you from the abuse you endured.

People who abuse, be it online or in a relationship are actually showing you how they feel about themselves, but transfer it onto you to weaken and control you, because they have major issues within themselves.

Christine's books will give you a clear picture on how to step out of abuse of any-kind and never to return again ever.

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Christine designed her own book covers as well.