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Christine's Workshops

Giving anyone who has suffered abuse of any kind the tools to Soar High in their lives.

Christine's Art

Christine's Art is painted from her past abusive relationship, Christine writes the story on the canvas and then turns it into beauty & sells it on.

Christine Bogers Books

Christine's Four books helping people up and out of abuse.

We are a Modern Digital Marketing Company

Your Digital Marketing Source!

Showing the World Who You Are, helping your Business grow

Dont misconstrue development as working, because this website has been owned for over 10 years now and was built in Sydney By Christine and Mike and is now being re-developed for Christine's future her way, not from the assumptions from others, without facts. Only Christine and Mike now the truths, not Christchurch people who love spreading falsehoods.



Ovient Management LTD

Ovient Management LTD



Monday 9am - 5 pm

Tuesday 9am to - 5pm

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Singals Technology Soultions, Ovient Management

Restore your Furniture the easy way, no sanding required.

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Singals Technology Soultions, Ovient Management
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